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Are Most Publishing Jobs in New York City?

It used to be that if you wanted to work in publishing, you had little choice but to head to New York City. After all, the city was where major book publishers and literary agents worked. Then e-books, digital media and self-publishing came, and they changed quite a few things. Now plenty of publishing jobs are available all over the country, even work-from-home publishing jobs.

What Types of Publishing Jobs Are Available

The types of jobs available in publishing have not really changed. There is still demand for these stalwart positions and others:

  • Copy editors
  • Proofreaders
  • Book cover designers
  • Public relations coordinators
  • Copywriters
  • Literary agents
  • Writers
  • Authors

What has changed is how they are done and how flexible they have become - plus there are more opportunities. For example, digital publishing and e-books have allowed small publishers to take root and flourish. The same concept applies to independent authors thriving and achieving book sales comparable with many traditional authors or even in excess of them. As for large publishers, digital communication made it financially feasible for them to open new offices in many different places. New York City still has publishing jobs, but publishing is now a wide-open world.

So if you want to design book covers or to edit books before they are published, instead of needing to focus your efforts on New York City, you can work remotely from many places or potentially even find in-person work in the city where you currently live.

The Industries Involved in Publishing

Publishing is no longer the domain of the publishers who put out fiction and nonfiction books. Industries such as health care, education and science have gotten involved as well.

For instance, a large hospital chain may advertise for several publishing-related positions so it can use e-books, books, white papers and blog posts to deliver useful content to its customers and expand its customer base. Writers in such jobs might divide their time penning children's books aimed at children with terminal illnesses, authoring papers and e-books explaining how a certain technology could cut health care costs and outlining scripts for videos - and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

It is an exciting time to be involved in publishing, whether it's editing, design or writing work you seek.

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